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(music monday)

is there a better day then monday to update your mixtape?  I mean MUXTAPE?

I felt it was the right time to update my digital mixtape… from me to you… the songs i’m really into right now, some really old, some newer… enjoy:



(tunes) 5.18.08


yeah.  that’s how this post starts.  I don’t know what it was about this morning, the crowd was a little thin, but it just felt like god was doing his thing.  I am the program director, so through the whole worship set i knew what was coming… sex.  yes, we talked about sex… pretty explicitly really… you’ve gotta check out the podcast from our church’s homepage:  www.oakbrookchurch.com

But as for the worship tuneage (not sure how you spell that) it really came together… God kinda did something in me during preparation for this weekend.  On the news every night you see these ridiculous amounts of people dying in China… it’s just crazy… like a hundred thousand people?  that’s just crazy.  It’s hard for me to fathom that kind of devastation really.  It’s like I can’t even comprehend it. But even in that, even in the brokeness… god is god.  he always is.  I know… it’s easy to say, but seriously… truth is truth, even when it doesn’t feel like it:  even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, your perfect love is casting out fear…

so i really feel as though there are moments as a worship leader that god speaks through you and to you in the same moment.  at some point HE decided to do that this morning… it’s wierd… but so good…

here’s what we did… (sorry it took so long to get here… haha…)

1. chain breaker by charlie hall

this song seriously rocks my world.  we did it as the prelude this weekend, i can’t wait to lead it with our church… “redemption flowing from his hands, we all can start at life again… so come just as you are… you are free, you are free, yeah the son has set you free, drop your chains sons and daughters, come and run in liberty”… that’s TRUTH.  Oh, sorry can’t buy this one till the charlie hall album comes out in the fall… you’ll just have to keep coming to oakbrook so you can hear it. 🙂

2.  marvelous light by charlie hall

well… we’ve done this quite a few times, but in light of us talking about sex for the next generation, it was my prayer this week that grace would set people free, and those where this is a deal would run to the light of christ, to be free in grace.  it’s a beautiful song.

3. you never let go by matt redman

yeah… god did his thing here.  we turned our thoughts to those that are broken, hurting, who have suffered loss, like those in China… we prayed over them and for them.  God is good, even in the midst of brokenness.  Life isn’t always shiney, but god is god and is always god.

4. our god reigns by delerious

this little chorus just blows my mind every time lead it.  the chorus rose up out of you never let go, as we bent our hearts around this truth, that OUR GOD REIGNS.

anyway… that’s that…

this week live in grace.  live in FREEDOM.  live a life with chains broken, and where grace abounds, in the power of the resurrection.

we adore you god, help us make you famous.


(tunes) 5.11.08

mothers day!

Oh yes… what a glorious day it was… sorry this post is a little late… but better late then never right??? Jeremy Carter led worship from the grand piano this weekend… it was just amazing. It always blows my mind when I’m not on stage to feel how the God of the Universe comes close in a weekend experience like that. man that’s awesome. Jeremy did a killer job wrapping the “craziness” of mothers lives up with the truth in these songs. Especially “untitled (like a rock)”. Yeah… that’s a charlie hall tune that he did when he was here that still doesn’t have a title, and isn’t recorded yet… but WOW… it’s an amazing song. Anyway… here’s what went down last sunday: FYI, if you click on the iMix link to the right, a percentage comes back to Oakbrook, and all the money we see will be put in a fund to benefit Haiti and other local compassion initiatives…

1. everything by Michael Buble

we used this song as the lude… the band killed it! Nothing like a little Buble to make everybody smile!

2. awesome is the lord most high by chris tomlin

classic. we did this one like an awesome version kristian stanfill did at 722… VERY cool.

3. for who you are by hillsong

this song is sooooo singable… everyone really grabbed onto this one… awesome experience.

4. untitled (like a rock) by charlie hall

like I said above… that’s probably not really going to be the title, but here are the lyrics, they fit so powerfully with the big idea of mothers day: while you wear a million hats as a mom… you are valued, and most of all, you are a daughter of God.

Well I’ve been hit from every corner
And I’ve been thrown from side to side
And I’m cracked up on the inside
So I come to You for life
And Your presence always heals me
So I wanna drink it in
You know where we’re going God
And You know where I’ve been

And Your love is like a rock
When I’m spinning
Your love is like a rock
When I’m spinning
Your love is like a rock
When I’m spinning around

And yesterday I felt so angry
And today so insecure
And I hate it that I wrestle
With the God that I adore
And Your presence always heals me
So I wanna drink it in
You know where we’re going God
And You know where I’ve been


Well I wish this thing could pass from me
But I wanting what You want
So bring me high or bring me low
Just hold me in Your love
And Your presence always heals me
So I wanna drink it in
You know where we’re going God
And You know where I’ve been


so take a break.  stop working for a sec and breathe in this art.  It’s for real.  Actually painted animation on public streets… so shocking:


this is barrel man.

yes… barrel man.

my wife brought me barrel man from Hati.

what’s the deal with the barrel man?  I bet you’ll never know..

UNLESS… you come to my office this week… 🙂

happy monday.